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Thank you!!

I wanted to tell you that my little Maggie-Rita is a NEW DOG!!!  I have always believed that dogs mirror our energy and attitudes (at least since becoming a fan of "The Dog Whisperer"), but for the life of me I couldn't seem to stop fretting over Maggie.  But after hearing that my worrying is the only thing that seems to make her crazy, I have been able to give it up!  She is such a calm, peacful, little dog now!  She seems so much more happy and settled since knowing that we won't be dropping her off anywhere and that this is her forever home.  She listens better and now doesn't freak out in the car.  Things that used to make her frenzied just don't appear to bother her anymore.  
And Doobie is feeling better with the addition of a new anti-inflammatory medicine and the occasional hot dog, while Willow is enjoying the added attention that we now provide on a regular basis.

Thank you so much for your help with my girls.  We are all benefitting from your gift of communication with animals, and I seem to be connecting with them much more clearly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Be well, 
Kimberly Gilbert


Sharon, my vet and all his assistants are so impressed!  I told them you said Gracie had a toothache but feels better as the tooth fell out, and that since she still had bad breath, you recommended getting her teeth cleaned.  Sure enough, he looked and two teeth are gone, and she definitely needs a cleaning, which I booked for next week (they do preliminary bloodwork).  This could well have saved her life.

Dear Sharon,

Let me add to the list of letters you receive that begin with the phrase:  "How can I thank you?".

I spoke to you yesterday about my beloved Molly Moo, my year and a half old rescue mixed breed (photo attached) who had suddenly developed an absolute terror of going upstairs in my home.  I was extremely distraught over this.  I both missed the cuddling and was very upset that I could not help her.  She trembled from head to tail if I insisted she come upstairs and there was no consoling her.
After you spoke to us, I followed your instructions and was able to get her to come upstairs last night.  I was disappointed when she started to shake and cower, but I forced myself to be open to your healing and was able to soothe her.  She settled and was able to sleep all night with me.  Her breathing became relaxed, she let out a big sigh, and slept, I think soundly.  I am not positive of how soundly she slept because I had not slept well for over a week either, and slept pretty profoundly myself.  All I know is she was still with me every time I woke up.  
She did go downstairs during my shower this morning, which she had previously not done, but I am sure she will become increasingly comfortable upstairs, and we can forget the black cloud that visited us. 
Thank you ever so much for opening my mind and heart so that I could help my precious pup.


Dear Sharon,I can not thank you enough for all you have given to me, and my pet family.When you first spoke to my oldest girl doggy after she had gone to the animal hospital for seizures.....I was so relieved to "hear" her speaking to me through you.  She was scared, but she knew where she was because she was a bit sick, and she couldn't wait to come home.  I truly felt like I could talk to her, and soothe her, through you.  She's been home now, seizure-free, for 2 years.  I still chuckle when I remember you say that babygirl says, "I am a pretty girl, and I get special food".  My sweet girl :)The next thing they told you was amazing!  They all said to you that I was having a girl-baby, and they were all right!  I wanted to know how they felt about me being pregnant, and they transitioned into being big sisters and a brother so well......I know it's because you explained to them what was happening to their mommy.  They are very protective and gentle toward their human sister, and she loves them all to bits.  She finds them quite funny, actually!Lastly....my boy baby........he is my first.....He started to exhibit signs of a bad stomach disorder.  Throughout talks with my vet, I had spoken to you about how he was feeling.  You had told me he was not ready to go into the light.  I cried so much, because all the news I was being given at the time was so dire. You told me he wanted certain foods.....yes he did!  He finally started eating after losing about 5 pounds!  He started taking his medication after you explained to him what it was for.  He is sooo much better, Sharon.  I wasn't ready to give up my baby yet :)Thank you, thank you , thank you.........I will continue to recommend your services to everyone, and continue to use them myself.Peace,KT

Hi Sharon:    If I'm guilty of one thing it is repeating myself but I would not sleep tonight if I did not thank you for your time and insight tonight. As I said at the outset I have no doubt that there are some of us gifted enough to have the ability you have and it came through this eveing"    Those last moments with Mom and Dad were important to validate as I sometimes doubt myself and I better stop doing that but left me with a greater feeling of peace about how their lives ended.    As you may have guessed I love them both and will even when it is my time to go so that will not change.    It is wonderful to know they see one another but have their own independent eternal life and are at peace and no suffering.      Some of the insights you gave me will help me to move on more so than I have and I will definitely contact you again.    The really tough part is discussing this type of thing with people. Many of the people I know and mostly at Church are just closed minded and that is really a sad thing as they miss a lot of what the world has to offer. I am open to what we did tonight and I did not mention that every morning I say Good Morning to them and at night I always say, I'll say good night and we'll continue in the morning and I'm sure they are aware of it     They are right I have not been living my own life for a long while and maybe just knowing they are at peace will help me to do that.    Thank you Sharon we will talk againE.O.

Good Morning Sharon,I have another story you can add to your testimonial.Today is August 5th, my daughter's 22nd birthday.When you were at the quartz quarry you told amanda that her horse vixen was going to wait to have her baby on her birthday.Well this morning at a little past 4:40 am arrived a beautiful llittle black filly with white socks and a white streak in her tail.my daughter was born at 5:16 am. she almost made it to the time of her birth too.WE are so happy!!have a great day Joann

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
July 13, 2008Talking with Molly Mittens & Other Dead Pets - $20 for 15 minutesDon't ask me if there's anything to it.  I went to the Psychic Fair, which had pet psychics, at the Holiday Inn in North Haven, Connecticut Saturday to find relief from pet grief.  Not truth.  In fact, I have come to view any and all truths are over-valued.  Who cares about truth when we humans - and animals - in America are in so much pain.  Anyway, it only cost $20 for 15 minutes.
The medium was Sharon Warner, who was nestled with her large dog, lit candle and small bag of granola way back in the room.  The dog, whether a gimmick or a healer, sold me.  I ponied up my $20 and marched to the table.  On the verge of tears, I asked Warner [smeowarner@gmail.com, 203-877-3613]] if she could reach Molly Mittens.  I explained that Molly Mittens had passed over more than two years ago but I still wasn't okay with that.
Through Warner, Molly Mittens and I had a good conversation. Actually it was so productive that I asked to also reach my dead cats Callie and Sarah.  All seemed well there.  Callie was out of pain - she was put down in late 2007 because of cancer.  Sarah had already been reincarnated as another gray long-haired cat.
I was all set to ask how Nicole, my dog who had to be put down because of congestive heart failure in 2002, was faring.  But time was up.  I felt better, had cried some and that's as good as I expected. 
Will I check in with Warner again?  You bet.  The most important relationships in my life have been with animals, domestic and feral. In my complex in New Haven, CT I do stealth feeding of the abandoned cats.  Of course, many residents would object to that.  But outdoor cats live only about two years.  I can help them through those two years - or less.

HI Sharon,
I wanted to thank you for clearing all the spirits from my home and land.
I don't know if you remember me telling you that I dream everynight 2 or 3 different dreams with different people that I don't know.
I have only had one dream on tuesday of someone I didn't know.
I have now awoke refreshed in the morning instead of exhausted.
I haven't been waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air or feeling panicked either.
I haven't felt Paul's presence at all this week.
I feel like this will be a fresh start for our home.
Thanks again Joann


Molly Moo
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Me and Max ( our recently adopted macaw) had a great meeting with Sharon via phone. She helped to relieve a lot questions that we had and also gave us some insight on Max himself. She knew so much about him and our family right from the start of the meeting with him. We truly enjoyed the experience and are excited to see where our journey with Max goes from here. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you have pets that are new to your home or just want a general idea of how your pets are feeling. It was more than Worth the small fee and we can't wait to speak with you again. Thank you Sharon!

The Wright's