Throughout my  life, I have always had close bonds with my family pets and the wildlife that I have been lucky enough to encounter.  They have always been a refuge for me.   As a young child, I remember hearing the birds sing to me, joke with me and warn me of physical danger.

How did I become a professional pet/animal communicator?  Well, I had adopted my then five year old rescue dog named Bear who was not housebroken.  He would not stop peeing in the house no matter what I tried to do.  I was so desperate, that I hired an animal communicator.  I was so impressed that she could talk to Bear, my kitties and even deceased pets!!    When I was finished with our session,  I thought to myself – I want to do that some day.  Well a few years later I was going through a painful divorce and decided to do something fun for myself.  I enrolled in an animal communication workshop.  I took a class with Nedda Wittels(www.raysofhealinglight.com) in 2006, and my pet communication skills expanded.   

I connect with the pet’s energy.   I do not need to be in the presence of the pet in order to make a connection.  I trust the information that I receive telepathically from the pet.  I receive information in the form of words, a knowing, pictures, taste and even scents.  I tell you what information I receive from your pet.  I can ask your pet about their health, if they are happy, explain household changes such as moving, new baby, new pet etc.  I can recommend solutions for issues such as nipping, housetraining, taking medication and dealing with trauma.   

I can assist in times of illness and death.  I can relay helpful information on how your pet is feeling.  I am not a veterinarian and I do not offer medical advice.  I can step inside your animal's body and feel what they are feeling in my own body. This is helpful to interpret the type, location and intensity of pain or discomfort the animal is having. Often times helpful information such as energetic imbalances or early warning signs of disease will be discovered in a session before physical symptoms present themselves. This information along with a veterinary follow-up can be an integral part of wellness maintenance for your animal. 


oWhat would make my pet happier? 
oIs my animal friend having any pain or discomfort? 
oWhat emotional component is behind a particular behavior? 
oWhat background can you give me about my adopted pet? 
oHow does my pet feel about a specific person or animal? 
oWhat does my pet feel about euthanasia and other pet care decisions? 
oHow does my animal companion feel about upcoming changes in my life such as   divorce, marriage or moving to a new location? 
oHow would my animal friend feel about introducing a new pet in our household? 
oIs my horse ready to ride again after an injury or would it be better to wait? 
oIs there anything my pet would like to tell me?
oWhat does my pet think about the quality of his/her life? 
oWhat does my pet want to teach me/humanity? 
oWhy does my cat eliminate outside the litter box? 
oWhere and how is my animal that passed away? 

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Sharon lives with her dog Ava, and her three cats:  Shelby,  Eliza & Bobo.

                                                        R.I.P. Bear 6/6/2012